What is a Faku Chief!!!

Don't even think about signing up unless you're ready to embody the spirit, the heart, and the unwavering determination of a true Faku Chief. This isn't just a running club; it's a brotherhood and sisterhood of individuals who go beyond the call of duty, both on and off the track. Being a Faku Chief means more than just wearing our colors; it's about carrying our values in every stride, every greeting, and every act of kindness.

**Gratitude and Appreciation:** A Faku Chief understands the privilege of running alongside like-minded athletes under the open sky. We treasure every moment, every mile, and express our thanks not only to each other but also to the volunteers and spectators who make our races possible.

**Optimism:** With a positive outlook as our compass, we navigate through challenges, always believing in better, faster, stronger. A Faku Chief sees opportunity in every obstacle and encouragement in every setback.

**Generosity:** To us, giving back is as natural as breathing. We contribute more than we take, lifting up our community and supporting each other's endeavors with enthusiasm and joy.

**Positive Influence:** A cornerstone of our ethos, we strive to be a beacon of encouragement, motivating all around us to reach their full potential, regardless of their status within the club.

**Integrity:** Honesty, punctuality, and ethical behavior are the pillars upon which the Faku Chiefs stand tall. We reject dishonesty in all its forms and strive for consistency in our actions and words.

**The 10 Unwritten Rules of a Faku Chief:** From the sacred greeting between Chiefs to the respectful acknowledgment of race officials and the unforgivable sin of littering, these rules are the essence of our identity. They guide us in training, in racing, and in life.

If these characteristics resonate with you, if you feel the stirrings of a Faku Chief within your heart, then you just might belong among us. Join us, not just to run, but to be part of a movement that celebrates speed, strength, and spirit in every aspect of life. Welcome to the Faku Chiefs, where every run is a journey, and every runner is family.