Faku Chiefs 10 Unwritten Rules


A Chief will always greet another Chief when passing. No Chief can pass another without a Greeting (in the same spirit as Gandalf the Grey’s last stand in the Mines of Moria).
A Chief will always acknowledge and thank the race officials at events. After all, it‘s a pretty Kak and thankless task keeping those roads closed. Give them the appreciation they deserve!
A Chief does not drop or litter their racing products. We live in a beautiful country, and we must always ensure to dispose of our gels, wrappers, etc., in a bin - ALWAYS..
A Faku Chief A.C. event OR Group Run waits for no one. If you‘re late, find the group on the road, trail,river, or mountain. And pick up the pace, fat boy, the Chiefs are known for speed!
It is preferred not to train in club vests. Save your armor for the day of battle.
A Chief will generously share tips, advice, and experiences with other members. After all, that is how we maintain a great performance record at the Comrades Marathon.
Faku Chief Athletes embrace newcomers and ensure that everyone feels welcome, valued, and included in the club‘s activities, regardless of their running abilities or experience. All members, regardless of performance output, have a place within our club.
Faku Chiefs avoid gossip, negativity, or any behavior that may bring down the morale of the group. Keep conversations positive and uplifting. Leave the gossip to East Coast Radio.
Faku Chiefs live up to their commitments and promises within the club, ensuring that their words and actions align with the values of positivity, generosity, and integrity.
We celebrate diversity within our club by respecting differences in backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives. Faku Chiefs A.C. focuses solely on fostering a sense of camaraderie by ensuring that no member is left behind during group runs. ‘For he who sheds his blood with me shall be my brother (or sister).’